Cook Bank undergoes Safety Maintenance

October 25, 2004

In October of 2004, a major motion picture studio filmed in Rhyolite. Because they wanted to use the Cook Bank building it was agreed that they would pay for the removal of the Plaster of Paris window plugs and railing that was left by the movie "The Reward" filmed in 1964. We knew that they were becoming a safety hazard. We just didn't realize how bad they had become until they were removed. The Cook Bank now has a new old look. Step one in the preservation of this building. Before anyone asks "What Movie", until it is released (projected date December 2005) we are unable to give any information about it. Sorry. This page is picture heavy, so please be patient.

Ok, the movie has been released for awhile now so safe to tell you, the movie filmed was "The Island" and if you have seen it I bet you already guessed. Pay close attention to the scenes at the Cook Bank Building and you will not see the plugs in place.

Cook Bank Building 2004
Getting ready to removed the window plugs.
Maintenance Crew
It took almost two hours to remove this plug.
Taking down the railing
This one fell into his arms. Scarry!
Almost done
Almost Done.
Ready to clean up
Finished! Now only the clean up is left.
What a Difference
What a Difference. She is back to her former beauty.
We wish to express our thanks to the Dream Works Move Company and the wishes to remain unknown Crew that restored the windows at the Cook Bank. The window with the railing was more of a danger than anyone realized. Photography by Suzy McCoy

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