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Hello, My name is Rebecca and I will be your guide on this tour of Rhyolite. It was the third largest city in Nevada by 1908. And the population reached approximately 8,000 in the city! With a total of 10,000 in the Bullfrog Mining District, this included several small towns in the area and even part of Death Valley, California. The town that was to last forever struggled from the beginning to the end, fighting for their special place in history. Today Rhyolite is a ghost town of dreams.

I am going to start the tour at the 2nd history of Rhyolite before we go into the town. Yes, there is more than one history of this wonderful town. Let's start the tour at the Goldwell Open Art Museum before we head into Rhyolite and it's magnificent history.
Rhyolite is located 4 miles west of the town of Beatty, Nevada on HWY 374. Get ready for a enjoyable experience as you tour through Rhyolite, The Best Ghost Town in Nevada!!

There is an extensive research project on Rhyolite, the information gained will be used in Libraries, Schools, Researchable Archives and Nevada Museums. If you are or know of anyone who are desendants or have information on Rhyolite. Please e-mail under comments below, directly to Rhyolite. All information is apreciated, and all correspondence will be answered. Because of little bits of information found here and there from some of the most unlikely sources, Rhyolite History is becoming complete.


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If you take the structured tour, don't forget to visit the sitemap. New things are always afoot! And some places you can't get to from here. Well, after all it is a ghost town where strange and wonderful things can happen.

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